Sunday, March 24, 2019

Hofbrauhaus Cleveland Ohio

Recent adventures found me at Hofbrauhaus in Cleveland. It's cold in Ohio during the first quarter of the year, especially in the Northeast near Lake Erie. One step inside of the Hofbrauhaus you'll be met with a warm and inviting environment.The dining area is open with an echo of past laughter and lively spirit. On the day that I visited, we were only 2 of 7 guests dining for an early lunch. I took advantage of the empty dining room to capture some photos. This beautiful dining room has a presence. The Bier Hall will delight your senses before ever having been served a bite of food.

Eager to sample some of the menu offerings it was time to get down to business. This day was Schnitzel Tuesday! Lucky me!! The portions were very generous for a mere price of $9.99. With this being my first and only visit to Hofbrauhaus my recommendations are based solely on a Tuesday experience. If your visit is more centered around enjoying the spirits and a lively atmosphere you may prefer a weekend visit. My focus was on the food! Although the spirits are highly acclaimed.

I ordered the Schnitzel Cordon Bleu but sneaked bites of the Jagerschnitzel from the plate across the table from me.
First up was my Schnitzel Cordon Bleu.

The breaded pork cutlet was filled with Bavarian ham and Swiss cheese. Yes, this was delicious. True confession. I was most curious about German fried potatoes served with the cutlet. Equally well done. If it's true we eat with our eyes. I suppose it's only true to say we can experience writings about food with our eyes as well. Please don't let my amateur food photography dampen your eagerness to visit Hofbrauhaus. As I am neither a professional food critic or food stylist. Just a mere layperson chowing on good grub.The potatoes were perfectly cooked and seasoned.
But... as soon as the plate arrived across the table from me, I knew I would sneaking samples of the Spatzle.
The Jagerschnitzel being an unbreaded pork cutlet with a "delicious creamy Hunters mushroom sauce" was served with Hofbrauhaus's spatzle. Although I am not a mushroom lover, this sauce was divine. If ever I visit the Hofbrauhaus again, I'll be sure to order the spatzle rather than potatoes.
It's rude to eat off the plate across the table....or is it?? I managed to politely sample a few fork fulls of the perfectly cooked spatzle.

Perhaps it's my own failings to accomplish the perfect spatzle at home or maybe this spatzle is just that damned good. Either way, it's a good goal to strive towards. I'm going to scour my cookbooks to find the perfect recipe. I hope to master these tender delicious tidbits in my own kitchen.

Not all dining experiences are positive ones. This particular day at this particular establishment was for me an overall delightful encounter.

Don't forget to swing by the gift shop to pick up a little swag.

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