Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sweet Corn

This is an early variety of sweet corn that tassled about 15 days ago while it was only about 3 feet high. At first I thought something was wrong but as you can see there are 3 succulent ears of sweet corn on the stalk now. It's still less than 5 feet high. This corn may end up in a low country boil pot! With the price of corn this year I am thrilled to have 12 rows growing. The last three rows were planted about two weeks ago. The planting has been staggered to allow the cook (in this case Me) to have time to freeze the produce in intervals rather than having 60 ears ready at one time! For people who do not garden I recommend going to their sweet corn is the best!! All of the produce from their farm is the best in the Northeast Ohio area, in my opinion. The gift shop/bakery is amazing. Don't confuse it with another orchard in that area. Rittman Orchards is located on Rt. 94. I buy my sweet corn from their store until mine is ready.

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