Friday, August 21, 2009

Sweet Corn

The corn has been planted in bi-weekly intervals this year. That plan has worked great until today. The corn, like clock work, has been ready to be picked and frozen in stages and I have not been overwhelmed with an abundance all at once.

Sadly though the last four rows were beaten down pretty bad from storms in our area last night.

On my daily stroll to the garden this morning I found the last of my corn planting laying completely on their sides. The stalks are about three feet high at this point. I had hoped to still be getting fresh corn into September and in theory this should be the case. Mother Nature may have put the kibosh on this little plan.

It's just too sad to photograph at this point.

The day will be spent trying to nurture the stalks back to health and straighten the mess up. Of course, the rest of the garden is in full tilt!

The tomato fairy has been good. On a happy note.... the tomato abundance will hopefully overshadow the corn catastrophe of the day!

Stay tuned...

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