Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ohio In October

For those of us whom are of the female kind, born and raised in the Heartland, there is nothing quite so nostalgic as a cold rainy October day. Days like this beckon for me to break out my favorite turtleneck and best pair of boots to guide me through the day! Today has been such a day! Nothing screams comfort food quite like a wet snowy day! Wearing my favorite grey cable knit sweater I headed out to purchase a few ingredients for dinner.     

Soups and breads.
 Warm beverages and sweets.
Cooked cereals and hot buttered toast.
 Flannel pajamas and slippers.
The hum of a furnace or the crackling of a fire.

 Ohio enjoys a good summer but, what really makes our state unique is we also enjoy the stillness of October.                   

I suspect there are more than just a handful of Northerners who embrace days like this. I find peace in the tranquil grey skies and long for the smells of home cooked food in my kitchen. The glow of candles at 6:30 in the evening, the dark outside, the warm cozy inside, this is home in Ohio. Is this what nesting is all about? It makes me appreciate what a warm home and well stock pantry are all about! The warmth of summer brought us a bountiful harvest from the garden. October was meant for these things.

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