Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Mister went turkey hunting last weekend. We now have turkey meat in the freezer for Thanksgiving. Our goal is to prepare our holiday meal entirely with food we have grown or killed. Poor little turkey! No really, someone kills those store bought birds too!

Before I get too far off the subject, I found the perfect desk to hold all of my gadgets I use when writing this blog.

While Mister was off being the great white hunter, I was left to wander area yard sales and hunt down a few treasures of my own. Behold, the deal of the week. I paid $5.00 for this desk and chair.

Can you believe it? The combo had an asking price of damn near the same as a gallon of gas. I snatched it up. This bargain now holds my cameras/accessories, seed packets, garden journal, and laptop stuff. Perfect!
I'm not even going to refinish these pieces. I will use them until I grow tired of them and then re-sell them.

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