Monday, May 2, 2011

Tribute to Doree

I met Doree today, at the flea market. She is a 78 year old lady who makes fabulous fudge, divinity, and other goodies. Doree had peanut butter fudge on her table and I could not resist. I completely admire a woman of her age who still makes homemade candies, and has the ambition to go out on a chilly day to sell them. Her business card for Bonnell's Candies has artwork of a heart and a butterfly on it. It seems very fitting to her personality. I hope to find her at the market again. The chilly wind cut my visit short today.

I brought home a few treasures from the flea market today. Among the treasures are, some great cookbooks, delicious snacks, and best of all the inspiration I gained from Doree. The world is a better place because of people like Doree.

She tells me that her peanut brittle recipe is an Irish recipe. I will be buying some of that the next time we meet.

Doree's crystallized ginger and candied kiwi. Also, a few chunks of delicious fudge made their way with me.
I love meeting people who make a positive impact on me. Telling this story is my way of paying tribute. A tribute to the type of peaceful lady that I hope to be someday.

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