Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today's Harvest

Time after time, digging potatoes is like unwrapping a gift. The plant is visible but, the earth underneath the plant holds a mystery. How many potatoes will be in this hill? How big will the next potato be? Still, I'm amazed by the folly.

Yukon Gold and Red Potatoes

Our first potato planting this year was on St. Patty's Day. Some people like to have a few drinks on that day. We like to plant our spuds. Each year, about that time, potatoes in my bin are covered with sprouts. Those little sprouting eyes are ready and how can I resist. Last years unused crop becomes this years crop. Love how that works. Essentially, we are talking about free food here people.

  • Mound up some nicely worked soil into a small hill.
  • Stick a portion of the potato in which an eye is present into the hill
  • Bury the potato.
  • Wait about 3 months and when the plants have flowered, turned yellowish and look like this. Pull those suckers up.

  • Dig below the plant carefully.
  • Behold there are free potatoes in there.
  • Cure the potatoes to store them ***

Look our grade schooler loves digging to find the goods too.

We could have allowed ours to grow a little longer. The timing was right for our schedule to dig them now. Besides, I really don't mind the smaller new potatoes. Overall the average size of each potato was pleasing.

Yipee, 45 pounds of free potatoes came into my kitchen tonight! A conservative estimate of money saved by growing our own potatoes is around $135.00.

**cure potatoes, that is to allow them to sit in a cool dark place for a few weeks to toughen the skin. DO NOT wash them. Simply brush off the surface dirt. The potatoes will store for months.


  1. I'm jealous Janice! I have a hard time growing anything! Loved the post!


  2. Karla,
    I have a true frustration with growing sesame this year. I'm lucky to have good soil. I think that's half the battle. Hopefully, my sesame will get on board too!