Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sweet and Salty

To  me, sweet and salty isn't just a flavor for our tongue. Some people are sweet and some are "salt of the earth", and then there are those who are just salty.

  My Grandma Ruth would describe certain people as "salt of the earth." Certain people give our species flavor. I understand this expression now.

Sweet, often has an underlying agenda.
The salty leave us thirsty and bloated feeling.

I spent a good part of this past weekend heading down a highway. A business trip exhausts me in many ways. Whenever possible, I try to escape into a solid place. My photographs help me connect and disconnect all at the same time. Two of my favorite playthings as a child, a View Master, and calidescope. This could explain my method of operation, relating to the world through the lense of my camera. Possibly hiding.

Welcome October.

 The last 8 out of 12 weekends I've been away from home. Some pleasure,but mostly  business.

I'm ready for weekends of home.               
 The best 3 months of the year are upon me. With any luck... the remaining days of 2011 will be shared with the "salt of the earth" variety.
My plans are to form a nice baking schedule and travel via cookbook for a few months.

Highway journeys and cookbook journeys give me a reason to acquire images from behind my extended eye. Connecting you to my world. I hope you find a little pleasing flavor in them.

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