Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Like clock work, autumn arrives, and my energy level takes a crap plummets.I'm sure King Julian would have an answer for the problem. Autumn is still my favorite time of the year. Only this autumn, I'm struggling with the desire to finish more household projects than usual. My lovely 1923 charmer of a home has improved by leaps and bounds over the past month. The big things like garage roofs being ripped off and replaced are finished. Rooms are painted. Soft, lovely new carpet has been installed here and there. Most everything has a place. Except for the 4 piles of "where does this stuff go" in the upstairs hallway.

My unfinished projects are odd little things like polishing and reattaching the lovely solid brass light switch and outlet covers to the wall. Also, did I tell you that at least one of our heat registers (dining room) is made of copper. No kidding. Solid Copper. When it's polished up, it's going to be a beauty. I'm really not going completely OCD on the house but damn close. None of the rooms are finished completely. Window blinds need purchased and installed, wall hangings are sitting around all over the place waiting for a wall, little paint spots need cleaned up, my windows are cruddy inside and out, busy work like that.

When we moved in a month ago, we were battling the outdoor heat. Then, boom, just like that, it's time to pack away the summer clothes and haul out my sweaters and boots. My personal belongings are almost finally in order. I'm ready to just get on with living life in our house and stop working on it. And that's exactly what I'm going to do after this weekend. I have a few small goals to complete. Then, business as usual.

Usual business of baking and holiday merriment.

My three Libra daughters will be celebrating birthdays soon. Three birthday celebrations, Halloween, Turkey Day. Autumn arrives.

September also brings our favorite Bluegrass Festival. A local church sells bean soup and corn bread. Mmm look at this delicious stuff all served up in a white foam cup.

Nothing says autumn like a pick -up truck hauling roasters full of bean soup.
Ohio has the greatest festivals. County Fairs, art exhibits, and musical celebrations. Visit us!

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