Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Tom Cruise Moment

Am I whining or rejoicing? It's sort of hard to tell sometimes. Oh yes, I know, the world has real suffering. People are hungry, cold, and heartbroken. I've been there too! Maybe that's why rejoicing seems all the sweeter.
I have been without a full functioning kitchen for over 9 months. My cake baking, slow, long roasted dinners, and huge vats of soup have been all but non-existent. I am within days or maybe weeks of having my kingdom restored. I'm neither cold, hungry, or heartbroken. Just eager to slide around in my socks in the kitchen and flit from counter to counter. Heck yes, it's time to churn out the goodies from the kitchen. There, that's the whining part... over with!

I'm not a high maintenance type of woman. My kitchen will function very practical and efficient. Most important to me is a non cluttered, spiffy clean workspace.
I'm stalking down recipes. Making up for lost time. The Kitchen Aide mixer is calling for me and it's time to get my cake on.
Just knowing the cans of  Lime Rickey paint are coming up from the basement and going on the walls soon, gives me hope. Hot Dang!

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