Monday, January 21, 2013

Are you wondering?

It's almost February. Sweet hearts and paper valentines. Wait though it's still January here in Ohio. Grab onto whatever gets you through the cold winter days and make the best of it!

A good book for reading to children this time of year is, The Valentine Express by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace.  I am already planning my little road show of Valentine's. Red hearts and fancy doilies make the shade of January not seem so glum.

The best thing in the whole world to have in your kitchen is a pantry. Don't even try arguing that fact with me. A pantry wins hands down. Especially if your kitchen has resided in boxes or cramped shitty quarters for nearly a year. We are finally seeing the light of day with our moving. Oh Yes, how I love my pantry!! Red sugars, bread flour, and sweet heart candies line the shelves.

Valentines Day smells like wax paper and hot Crayola crayons to me.

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