Thursday, May 23, 2013

Garden 2013

Growing the same vegetables and herbs year after year gets boring. I like to mix it up a bit and plant something different. This year, marjoram and brussel sprouts are planted in my pathetic little version of a garden. I've never grown either of them before. Almost as an after thought, Mister and I threw a few tomato and pepper plants in the ground a few weeks ago. Then the Ohio frost came and killed them all. I thought, "ahh what the heck, it's okay because we weren't planning on having a garden this year". Then, I saw brussel sprout plants at a plant sale. Next thing I knew, the plastic flat was filled with various plants. Round two of the pepper and tomato plants are in the ground. I bought Greek oregano, marjoram, and French thyme too. Red cabbage, and of course the brussel sprout plants.

Plant sale on the square of our little town.

In all seriousness, I'm skeptical if round two of the tomatoes and peppers will make it. We planted them in soil that is less than ideal. Behind my garden shed, we had a few trees removed. The empty space now holds the salsa making vegetables.The rest of the crops are randomly planted among a flower bed.

Rather than having many flower beds that surround the house and yard, I opted for one big, oddly shaped, peculiar looking bed behind our house. I've built a bed from sand stone found randomly around the property, mixed in some brick here and there and orchestrated the whole mess around an old stump of a tree. The bed looks old timey. I wanted it to look like it has been there for as long as the house has stood. It has a 1923 feel to it, I guess.

Today, I pulled weeds for hours. I enjoy that sort of thing.  We've recently had rain so the soil was soft and the pesky little rascals popped right out of the ground.  It was cool and sunny outside this morning making the whole day rather therapeutic. Digging in the dirt is my favorite past time. I will shovel and haul until my hips ache and my knuckles throb. Yep, getting older kind of stinks in that regard. Weather permitting, I will be back at it again tomorrow despite that fact that I am walking like a cowboy after today's weed pulling extravaganza.

Oh yeah, I forgot, I also planted three hills of sweet potatoes last week. I found a sweet potato in the back of my kitchen pantry with sprouts on it. I chopped it into three sections, hilled up some dirt and stuffed them in the ground. I noticed all three hills have a little sprout sticking up. So, I guess you can call this a garden. No corn, no Yukon golds, no strawberries or zucchini, or broccoli or cauliflower. It's okay, I've grown all of them before.

Gee, I hope the brussel sprouts live.

Aren't wildflowers just perfect?

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