Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Andy Griffith and real life.

I have cake on the brain. It's been stuck in there for a few weeks. Not muffins, or cupcakes, an honest to goodness challenge of a cake. My priorities are straight, cake just hasn't been on the top of the list of stuff to accomplish. Tomorrow maybe.
On a happy note, my marjoram, oregano, basil, and assorted herbs are thriving in my garden. As predicated though, the tomato plants for the most part are dead. It seems most of things that I truly enjoy doing have been stagnant for too long.
Do you ever find yourself in this situation? A few little changes in my routine and my harmonious cake baking self gets all out of whack.
I watch as my 6th grader is struggling with summer vacation. She likes routine. I'm thankful she isn't the kind of kid who is amused easily by the media and video games. She informed me of this last week. "Mom, I'm not a cozy clothes, lay around, and watch television type of kid." So, she's missing her routine of school. Just as she finds herself adjusting to summer vacation it will be time to start back to school.
Structure is good.
It's time for cake baking, blogging, and photo taking. Who's with me?

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  1. Hi Janice.. I had to stop by and thank you so much for your very sweet and caring comment on my blog.. It's been a hard week now since loosing my BFF Rikki, 18 years is a long time.
    You put a big smile on my face..
    Thanks you