Friday, January 3, 2014


I have a small but, efficient kitchen. There is a curio cabinet and a built-in china cabinet in the dining room which offsets my lack of storage space in my kitchen proper. Plus, I have a butlers pantry to store some supplies. As a result, I tend to own only useful, needed, kitchen gadgets and stay away from things like large food processors. For goodness sakes there are knives and cutting boards. Food processors just annoy me and I would never own one.

The Alton Brown philosophy of not owning single task items has always rang with truth for me. Until, my adoring husband bought me doughnut pans. I'm a Great Lakes girl who loves her some doughnuts. I don't make them at home because of the deep fat frying involved. Sure I have fat frying skills, I just don't use them. I find the whole process disgusting and messy. Baked doughnuts sound like a nice alternative. Thank you Mister for picking up on this grand idea. For this one item I will forsake the Mr. Brown philosophy and squeeze a uni-tasker bake sheet into my cupboard.

King Arthur Flour has an amazing sounding chocolate baked doughnut recipe on their website.
I will battle the negative temperatures with chocolate, yarn, and Netflix.
This is rounding out to be a lazy albeit fat ass weekend.

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