Thursday, April 24, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

As we all know I'm not a trendy gal. TBT was just explained to me yesterday by my 12 year old daughter. So here you are. My version of a throw back.

A quilt with history.
Look closely at the white squares in the center.

Handwritten recipes which once belonged to Mister's grandmother. The recipes were scanned and copied onto white fabric with special ink that will not smudge or wash away. My 12 year old daughter is the proud owner of this quilt. One day when she has her own family/home this will travel with her. The handwritten recipes of her great grandmother.

As my own mother ages, anything with her handwriting takes on more importance. Part of her therapy is keeping a journal. It's a struggle for her some days to put her day into written words but, with every pen stroke, I feel proud of her work.

We sort through her belongings (which she moved here to our home) and there are a few hand written things that turn up here and there. Mostly cursive writing. The art of cursive writing and the joy of developing this individual artist style of communication will surely become a thing of the past. I reminisce with melancholy over the loss of Mom's ability to write eloquently and clearly as she once did. I also feel nostalgic for the children moving through our school systems who will never embrace this art form. But, here we are. Progress?

I text recipes to my girls. I post recipes on the pages here. I wonder if someday my girls will wax sentimental over my handwritten recipes. This makes me want to take the weekend and sit dilligently with some 9x5 index cards and with my best penmanship (we use to be graded on this when doing reports in school) and crank out some actual cherished recipes. This could be a work in progress.

I am thankful for the hands of Mister's cousin who made this quilt. A bidding war took place at a family reunion auction but, Miss Aimee was the lucky winner. I've forgotten how much money we spent to make sure she won but, it was worthy every penny.

I love how so many generations of women are wrapped into this version of TBT.
 It's highly unlikely this subject will become a consistent feature here.
 I have peas to tell you about and potatoes popping up in the garden. Oh, and a cake to bake!

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  1. Oh what a lovely idea for a quilt.

    When my in-laws moved to an apartment, we were given some family letters. It is interesting to see how different cursive was at the turn of the century. It seems sad that all this will be lost to a generation that will require special training to decipher it.